VAT on energy saving products

//VAT on energy saving products

It’s worth knowing that you may be eligible to pay a reduced rate of VAT – 5% (as opposed to the normal 20% rate) – when certain energy saving products are installed in your home. Not all energy saving products qualify but ones that could include insulation on walls, floors, ceilings and lofts. 

The team at Emmerson Critchley Ltd uses traditional materials and methods and many projects also focus on providing insulation. This includes, for example, the application of Thermalime, which is a traditional lime plaster comprising chalk, lime binder, fibres and an insulating component. Its unique mix, produced by the Anglia Lime Company, provides an element of thermal insulation to the interior or exterior of buildings, without losing the breathability and visual appeal of a soft lime plaster. This is one example of energy saving products being installed by Emmerson Critchley Ltd on period properties and Listed buildings throughout East Anglia. 

Now, given the current reduced rate of VAT on certain qualifying products, it is an excellent time to consider installing energy saving products in your property.  To find out more or to gain a quote, please feel welcome to get in touch.

For reference, further information about the government’s VAT reduction scheme is available here

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