Pargeting-2External rendering, pargeting and traditional plastering services are jobs undertaken by Emmerson Critchley Ltd on a daily basis and so the team, which employs traditional techniques and materials whenever possible, has a great deal of knowledge and experience in this area.

Pargeting is a traditional English craft and particularly prevalent throughout East Anglia. It is the provision of decorative or ornamental designs to a façade using lime plaster and was first introduced in this country by Henry VIII. The medieval king shipped in specialists from Italy to adorn his Nonsuch Palace, arguably the grandest of the Tudor king’s building projects, with decorative plasterwork depicting mythological creatures. One legacy of this was the impact on the plastering trade.

What had been called “stucco” in Italy soon became known as “pargeting” in England and following the king’s lead, it became highly desirable with plasterers happily meeting the demand – some were incredibly artistic in their approach and there are some wonderful examples of high quality pargeting in Suffolk and wider East Anglia and it’s a heritage that the Emmerson Critchley team is proud to continue today.

So if it’s a basic application or a more decorative project, then do feel welcome to get in touch to discuss your project in more detail or receive a quote.