Enduring quality with modern benefits

//Enduring quality with modern benefits

At Emmerson Critchley, time and effort is put into carefully selecting the best possible supplies befitting of the craftsmanship and level of service provided; scrutiny is also in place to ensure cost effective solutions are employed.

Take, for instance, the new fibre chalk lime render being used by the Emmerson Critchley team. The selected product is the result of research into the replication of the plaster in use during the 15th century (the heyday of the construction of timber framed buildings throughout Suffolk, Essex, East Anglia and beyond), so it provides sympathetic heritage results.

Concurrently, this fibre chalk lime render has been carefully designed to withstand extreme background movement and can cope with being applied on to a variety of surfaces and in any thickness. This means that it is much less likely to fracture than other similar products and therefore requires less potentially costly aftercare.

Furthermore, this product is also cheaper when compared with others on the market. So, for all of these reasons, the Emmerson Critchley team felt this new fibre chalk lime render was fit for providing the best quality and most cost effective result.

The Emmerson Critchley team is passionate about delivering the best results in terms of quality, honouring traditional techniques, providing cost effective solutions along with first rate service. Careful selection of the best products available is an extension of this ethos.

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