Daub training day

//Daub training day


Emmerson Critchley and three other team members have taken part in a specialist training day to learn how to produce daub.

This training initiative is part of an on-going commitment by Emmerson Critchley Ltd. to invest in new skills, honour traditional techniques and drive down costs for clients wherever possible.

Daub – a composite building material usually used for coating a surface or, when mixed with straw and applied to wattles or laths, to form a wall – is used extensively by the Emmerson Critchley team.

Thanks to the skills learned on the course, daub can now be produced to the highest standard by the team in-house, which cuts down on the additional costs of acquiring it from a third party. Happily, this saving is being passed on to Emmerson Critchley clients.

Normally constituting clay or plaster, an added benefit of producing daub is that it is an extremely efficient means of recycling otherwise unwanted clay and other materials, which also fits in well with the Emmerson Critchley ethos.

About the training, Emmerson Critchley says: “I’m really pleased that we’ve completed this course to learn to produce daub ourselves. It was a really interesting day and we will definitely be putting the skills we’ve learned to good use.”

Wattle and daub is a traditional technique used for period properties in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and throughout East Anglia. Emmerson Critchley Ltd is a specialist building firm for period properties in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and the wider region.

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