Now supplying daub

//Now supplying daub

Following the undertaking of specialist training by members of its team,

Emmerson Critchley Ltd now produces and supplies its own high quality daubDaub2Daub – a composite building material usually used for coating a surface or, when mixed with straw and applied to wattles or laths, to form a wall – is used extensively by the Emmerson Critchley team.

Clients of Emmerson Critchley will also be pleased to learn that the in-house daub production also cuts out the additional cost of acquiring it from a third party and happily, this saving is being passed on to Emmerson Critchley customers.

Normally constituting clay or plaster, an added benefit of producing daub is that it is an extremely efficient means of recycling otherwise unwanted clay and other materials, which also fits in well with the Emmerson Critchley ethos.

The team’s training was led by Paula Sunshine, an authority on daub and author of ‘Wattle and Daub’, as well as alumni of The Prince’s Foundation and recipient of the prestigious Hancocks Medal (presented by HRH The Prince of Wales) for her work with lime.

Daub has been employed for nearly six millennia throughout the world with the technique of wattle and daub apparently being used in the Neolithic age for the in the construction of shelter. Wattle and daub – and the production of daub – is a prominent part of East Anglian heritage and therefore traditional technique that Emmerson Critchley Ltd is proud to provide.

The daub is made on demand with supplies also kept in stock – prices are available on request and depend on the amount required. To get a quote or find out more, please contact us.

Further similar training initiatives for the Emmerson Critchley Ltd team are planned for this year – to find out more, watch this space…

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