Lime rendering project

//Lime rendering project

The team at Emmerson Critchley Ltd had just finished a lime rendering project in Holt, North Norfolk. This lime rendering work was completed with a NHL 2 Lime Mortar – a low strength hydraulic lime mortar with slow setting speed.

Lime render is a particularly good choice in coastal areas like Holt in North Norfolk where the coastal air and elements can be more testing. While some finishes and renders can be impermeable meaning that moisture can become trapped, which ultimately leads to all sorts of problems, lime rendering provides a breathable finish that does not trap water and also copes brilliantly with the elements – come rain, frost or shine and a costal or inland setting. The result is a hardy, resilient finish that will stand the test of time.

Achieving best results and getting lime rendering absolutely right relies on technical expertise and experience of the carbonation process and the methods involved – thankfully it is also a traditional skill that the Emmerson Critchley team is extremely well versed in.

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