Kitten saved by building team

//Kitten saved by building team

cat-ecThe team at Emmerson Critchley Ltd is currently working on a multifaceted renovation building project in Norwich, Norfolk. A couple of weeks ago, a person living at a neighbouring property brought an absolutely tiny, fluffy, black kitten on-site. The poor little four-week old feline was barely alive having been abandoned and then discovered by the neighbour, who was concerned what to do next and so popped on-site to see if anyone else had any ideas… Although builders can have a reputation for being burly, the Emmerson Critchley team is a sensitive and caring bunch and all those on-site were desperate to help.

Ultimately, Emmerson Critchley, who was managing the project, took the tiny female kitten home, keeping her warm within his own top. Following a vet check, it was unclear if the kitten, who was suffering with a terrible case of worms, would survive the night and it was a tense  24-hours… As well as consulting the vet, Emmerson also sought advice from Bury’s Stray Cat Fund near Little Welnetham. Emmerson explains: “I was utterly overwhelmed by the kindness and support provided by Bury’s Stray Cat Fund – they provided a specialist kitten feeder, blankets and wonderful advice – all to help our new kitten have the very best chance of survival. They are truly amazing people and I am so thankful to them.” 

We’re delighted to report that the little kitten has survived and happily, has been adopted by the Critchley family. She’s been named Belle and is absolutely thriving. In the meantime, Emmerson has also made time to return to Bury’s Stray Cat Fund with a donation and a box of cat food and he is keen to urge any other fellow animal lovers to do the same… 

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