Limecrete flooring installation

//Limecrete flooring installation

The team at Emmerson Critchley Ltd has just completed a new limecrete floor at a charming thatched period property in Cambridgeshire

Thanks to our friends at The Limecrete Company, the limecrete was delivered direct to the door. The Emmerson Critchley Ltd team then swiftly set to work installing the limecrete flooring.

Limecrete is a traditional alternative to concrete, which offers a breathable surface. It is widely chosen by architects and specialists for the protection of historic buildings.

Setting limecrete does require expert knowledge of the carbonation process for the hardening of the lime and also experience of the techniques involved and the impact of weather. Nevertheless, it is a process that the Emmerson Critchley team is extremely well versed in and the company is fully insured to work on all types of buildings including Listed ones.

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