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With origins tracing back to ancient Morocco, Tadelakt Plaster, which provides a fully waterproof finish, is believed to have evolved from “qadad”, another similar type of plaster surface that has existed for over a millennium. The traditional application process of Tadelakt involves applying and smoothing a thick coat of Tadelakt and then before it finally sets, polishing it using stone to give a pleasingly smooth and wonderfully seamless finish. Some of the processes involved in the application of Tadelakt are actually revealed by the meaning of the word “Tadelakt”, which, directly translated (from Arabic), means “to rub in”.

Tadelakt is a highly versatile, waterproof and decorative material and can be used to fashion flowing interior or exterior walls and ceilings as well as kitchens, wet rooms, baths and sinks. Originally used in Moroccan palaces and stately homes and currently catching the eye of interior designers throughout the world, the team at Emmerson Critchley Ltd is delighted to be able to offer Tadelakt for building projects in Suffolk, Cambridge, Norfolk, throughout East Anglia and beyond.  

As well as natural soap, a main constituent of Tadelakt is lime plaster. Similarly to any process involving lime, i.e. lime plastering, lime rendering, lime wash, installation of limecrete flooring, an understanding of the carbonation process is crucial for ensuring the success and longevity of the final surface. Thankfully, the team at Emmerson Critchley Ltd, which particularly specialises in traditional skills, materials and techniques, is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in managing the carbonation process and consistently provides incredible results with any process involving lime.

To find out more about Tadelakt Plaster or to discuss your renovation or building project in greater detail, please feel welcome to get in touch.